Confidential Paper Shredding Beyond Recognition

We are a local business serving Southern California. We specialize in offering highly secure, confidential paper shredding to over 3,000 satisfied customers. Our secure paper shredding services are AAA certified by NAID and this certification means that an independent, third party security firm has audited our practices and procedures, including how we handle:

  • Screening
  • Hiring
  • Destruction processes
  • Security
  • Insurance coverage

All of this double checking by NAID means our clients can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their materials placed in our bins will be kept confidential. Shredders at our facility are used to do the work your privacy and compliance, but a number of certification officials, facility staff, and guards work diligently to make sure you're covered from beginning to end.

Confidential Shredders Destroy Paper, Plastic

How do you know you're investing in the best security and compliance available when you sign on with The Shredders? What are the numbers? Our machines shred up to 20,000 pounds of paper and plastic media every 60 minutes, keeping all your documents confidential. Paper shredding, done only by our state licensed security guards who have undergone a Department of Justice background check and have been fingerprinted, is monitored by 16 surveillance cameras 24/7 and the tapes are kept for your review and compliance checks for four months. That way, you know your private materials are guaranteed to be kept confidential. Shredders are kept under watch by one dedicated security guard every single day during non-business hours. Besides these numbers that indicated the caliber of security you can count on, from start to finish, you can count on the secure environment we maintain to keep your business documents safe throughout our document shredding services. Additionally, we collect bins on a regular basis, so you don't have to worry about them overflowing or running out of space. And we offer bins in many sizes to meet the needs of small and large companies. Questions? Don't hesitate to learn more about us by giving us a call today.