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Trusted Document Shredding Services

is a AAA Certified secure Destruction company servicing over 3,000 happy customers, large and small throughout Southern California. Certified by NAID. naidonline.org.

is the only document destruction company using all, fingerprinted, Department of Justice, background checked, State Licensed Security Guards that pick up and shred your material.

New and unique shredding process shreds your material to a Confetti size particle, not the strip shred that most other companies use.

We provide attractive, locked and slotted bins for the collection of sensitive material. Uniformed State Licensed Security Guards exchange these bins when full. We don't miss scheduled pick ups.

Your material is transported by locked, alarmed, GPS tracked, vehicles, always with  State Licensed Security Guards on board.

Your bins are dumped into our high speed Confetti shredders by State Licensed Security Guards, with the capacity to shred over 20,000 pounds per hour. We do not sort or separate material. Paper and sensitive plastic media (CD's, microfilm, mag-tapes) can also be put into our bins.

Secure Facility is covered by 32 color digital cameras recording all activity in and around our facility 24 hours a day, and maintaining this information in some cases for up to a year. A security guard is on premise during off hours.

certify, with a "Certificate of Destruction" that all your material was shredded beyond recognition

The Shredders is a certified document destruction company servicing 3,000 customers in Southern California. Our document shredding services are performed according to stringent guidelines not found at any other shredding companies in California, so our customers are satisfied; they know that they are using a secure document destruction company dedicated to handling their materials in a professional manner. Since we don't sort before we begin shredding, materials remain private. Our confidential paper shredding produces confetti-sized particles too, not the traditional paper strips of others. Document paper shredders in our facility, moreover, process up to 20,000 pounds of paper and plastic media per hour, so our reputation for using only the best equipment is rock solid. If you would like to learn more about why you should trust your information destruction services to us, browse our articles. And please contact us if you have any questions. We'll be happy to tell you how our bins, trucks, employees, and operations make us the preferred solution for certified document destruction.


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